Nina`s Garage Tradle is a 2D shop management game where you help an 8 year old girl reach her goal of getting the brand new Twinkle Starlight unicorn mug. To reach her objective she decided to sell some things she found in her house (with her parent’s authorization, of course). Unfortunately, Mommy and Daddy told her that she isn’t allowed to mess around with money because it’s “dirty”. Because of this condition, she had to come up with a work around. Her answer: Nothing in the garage sale will be sold, only traded. 

Help Nina make the right decisions and amass enough goods to eventually trade for the mug she so desperately desires. 

The Game

When someone comes to offer something, the objects they have to trade will appear in a window. To convince them to trade, you have to offer something they think is worth the trade. Only then can you click on the "Accept" button. And if you don't want to bargain, you can always just say no.

Different NPCs have different tastes, and that shows in the way they dress. Pay attention to the traders and try to find out what things they like best!

The Team


Helena Villar

Léon de Carvalho

Marina Telles

Raphael Ramos

Game Design

Mateus Trigueiro

Nelson Donato

Raphael Ramos


André Krauss

Mateus Trigueiro


Lucas Lima

Nelson Donato

Special Thanks

RPG - Rio PUC Games


Lucas Lima

Henrique Rito

Livia Trigueiro


Unity Engine 2018.2.6f1 (Student’s License)

UniRx - Reactive Extensions for Unity (Under MIT License)

Adobe Photoshop (Student’s License)


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this game is so cute and light and fun asdfg